Now, as always, I am certain that only by preserving and increasing love can we drive evil out of this world. With warm appreciation, to my dear friends, I share with you, this collection witch includes some of my work in America. I send my love and best wishes to these special children, may their future be bright. This book is dedicated to all those who have shared this incredibele journey- -both those who are here to rejoice together with me, and those, who are no longer amound us. A part of each of you remains in my heart.


1955 Born in St.Petersburg (then Leningad), Russia

1961 Began painting for local kids’ painting competitions.

1966 – 1973 Attended school for young talented artists in St.Petersburg, affiliated with the Repin Institute, part of Russian Academy of Arts and received numerous prizes as a talented young painter.

1973 – 1978 Studied at the prestigious Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg, Russia and graduated with honors.

1978 – 1985 Painting instructor at the Academy of Arts

1984 Joined the Artists’ Union of Russian Federation and participated in numerous national and international exhibitions created hundreds of works for several projects (partial list follows):

1978 – 1980 “Sajani, Baikal”.

1980 – 1985 “Habitats Forever”, “St. Petersburg Dreams”.

1985 S.Danilin is appointed one of the directors of the XXII World Festival of Youth in Moscow. Receives a medal for participating in that festival.

He held two personal exhibitions in Moscow. One in June at the concert hall "Russia", the second in September at the print house "Pravda".

1986 Mr.Danilin was recognized by the Artists union for his creative work in a project “At the banks of Neva” and received an honorable title.

1986 – 1991 Went on his own as an independent artist. During “perestroika” years Mr. Danilin often was called upon by the State to paint presentation portraits of visiting foreign dignitaries.

At the end of 80th Sergei participates in an ambitious project of painting the interiors of several Russian churches in St-Petersburg area.

1987 – 1989 The project “Afgan” (portrait gallery of the military leaders of the war in Afganistan). Sergei spends time in Afganistan creating the portrait series of the war there.

1987 – 1992 “German Period”. In 1987 Sergei Danilin starts to work for German company “Art and History” (Armin Shafer). During“German” period Sergei restored paintings damaged during WWII and re-created works, which were totally destroyed or lost. He created over 200 works during those years. Most of his work of that period can be viewed in the Museum of Military History of Europe (Shpetsen, Germany).

1989 S.Danilin completes the project “Memories of the war of 1812 ” which puts him on a map as accomplished historical portraitist.

1990 – 1991 Tsarskoe Selo, St-Petersburg, Russia. “One painting” exhibition. During two years one of the most significant Sergei’s works- “Family”, depicting the family of the last tsar of Russia, Nicolas II was on display at the hall of the “Romanovs’ Fund’s office.

1992 – Today “American” period. In 1992 Mr. Danilin arrived to the USA. At the end of 1992 Russian Cultural Center (located then at the Russian Warf, Atlantic Ave., Boston) provides the exhibition space for Sergei’s personal exhibition. In 1992-1993 he collaborates with Sheremetieff Gallery (Newbury Street, Boston) and has his personal exhibitions there and participates in group exhibitions.
During those years Sergei gets his first commissions from Kennedy’s family as well as from Glenn Close and Christopher Reeve.

S. Danilin has a title of Honorable Citizen of Sofia (Bulgaria), Worcester (MA, USA) and Severo-Muisk (Russia). His work is in private collections in Germany, USA and Russia. Also his works are in Central Museum of Military Forces in Moscow (Russia), Museum of History of Leningrad Defense (St-Petersburg, Russia) and in Museum-flat of L.Gumilev (St-Petersburg, Russia).